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Posted by TONY BRADYon MAY 26, 2017
One of the biggest challenges a triathlete faces is wading through the plethora of information available to them. Magazines, the internet, athletes, coaches, pro athlete websites and blogs, all shout out the so called secrets to being a super star. The reality is everyone. In fact anyone spruiking it has to be dealt with a degree of scepticism.
The famous heredity study tested thousands of people on their response to the same training program. Their finding showed that just like in most populations there are responders and non-responders. Some responded well while others went backwards doing the same program!
From a Genetic perspective professor Stephen Roth has written a pretty concise summary of how genetics can determine performance. My goal today is to talk more about the other factors which can determine the suitability of a training program for you. It has me beat how people pay for a generic 12-24 week training plan to follow without giving any thought as to whether this suits me as an athlete or a person.
One of the most important sport science principles (the guiding lights we use to develop a training plan) is individuality. Every athlete is different and hence every athlete needs to be treated individually.
Individuality simply means, your training should match, your strengths, weaknesses, goals and needs. The key here is to understand the person and their training background. For instance;
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